Press Quotes

"Ongoing hilarity. Dunn and Leo are...bound by a tight synergy, unquestionable trust and impeccable timing. From lights up, you’ll enjoy watching everything these guys drag in, stomp on, serve up. Handshake Uppercut is this year’s Chicago Fringe Fest *Must See.*"  Katy Walsh,

"From lights up, you’ll enjoy watching everything these guys drag in, stomp on, serve up.  Dunn and Leo make Shields and Yarnell look like carnie rejects. "

"...a serious investigation of dysfunctional and codependent relationships, jealousy, pride, and the futile desire to control life in the face of death...[Dunn and Leo] have distilled clown to its bare essentials, and through precise physical storytelling, create a clown noir world that redefines the boundaries of clown." James Hesla,

"Every moment was totally alive...on the road to going beyond Beckett...Handshake Uppercut will help raise the quality bar of clown-theater." 

Audience Quotes

“It made me crème fraîche my panties” 

"I felt like my balls got ripped off and served to me on a silver platter of love. Sexiest EVER!" 

"Wretched! Wonderful!"

"I had a stupid smile on my face for most of the show!"

"Hilarious and beautiful. Thank you!" 

"Brilliant physical comedy, but totally disturbing"

"...a daring poignant relationship journey" (all from audience review book)

"[Handshake Uppercut] is a joy. I am thrilled that I was able to see it once again, as the first experience stayed with me and left me wanting more. Your physicality is both subtle and outlandish, a terrific balance that is as impressive as it is entertaining...Your partnership is a touch of brilliance." aud. member email 

"Handshake Uppercut at the (Chicago) Fringe is: two steps ahead of you at all times, out of its fricking mind, and deliciously lascivious. It is not: long enough. I could have watched it for hours and hours...Congrats to Jay Dunn and John Leo on a brilliant, brilliant show." facebook post