"Ongoing hilarity. Dunn and Leo are...bound by a tight synergy, unquestionable trust and impeccable timing. From lights up, you’ll enjoy watching everything these guys drag in, stomp on, serve up. Handshake Uppercut is this year’s Chicago Fringe Fest *Must See.*"  Katy Walsh, ChicagoNow.com 

"[Dunn and Leo] have distilled clown to its bare essentials, and through precise physical storytelling, create a clown noir world that redefines the boundaries of clown." James Hesla, thenyclowntheatrefestival.com

photo by Amy Bolger,  video footage & art by Katerina Barry,  video editing by Ora Fruchter 


SOLD OUT! at the NY Clown Theatre Festival! (see review)

Chicago Fringe Fest *Must See.*"  Katy Walsh, ChicagoNow

Performed at Second City Mainstage, Chicago